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CustomNamespaceFolderView architecture

Trying to grasp the full picture, so bear with me. It looks like there is no relation between CustomNamespaceFolderView and the UserControl that displays folder contents. CustomNamespaceFolderView...

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"CountLinesExtension is not a SharpShell Server"

I'm going through this tutorial, and trying to load the dll I've created in the Server Manager Tool. Basically it's what they have there, and I've tried both the dll built in release and debug mod...

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Server Manager tool does not work on Windows 10

The Server Manager tool does not open on Windows 10. I could run it in Windows 7 Compatibility mode but when I tried to load the CountLinesExtension dll I got the following error Warning The file ...

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Overlay Handlers not showing with Windows 10?

Hi, overlay handlers made with SharpShell seem to have stopped working with Windows 10. Could you confirm this? Thanks

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Troubleshooting DefaultNamespaceFolderView.CreateShellView

First, I have to say thanks for such a helpful framework. It is phenomenal how simple this framework makes building shell extensions. Now, on to the issue I would like to help with. I don't have...

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SharpShell Namespace crashes

Hello! I need create an virtual folder. I found SharpShell and start learn it. But there are 2 problems. First. When i install any sample projects, like RegistryNamespaceExtension, it's crashed at ...

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Associate Context Menu to All File and Folder

Hi, I am facing a issue while associating Context Menu to All Files And Folder together. Can you please guide me in to this issue. I tried with following Association Statement: <ComServerAssocia...

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Problem when setting image in contextmenuStrip - Only windows XP

Hello! I have an issue. When I run my sharpshell context menu on windows XP, then I got (i think GDI+) exception on this row, and I can't catch it: itemMain.Image = Resources.favicon16xp.ToBit...

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IconOverlay - CanShowOverlay return with true, but icon don't visible

Hello! I have some problem with IconOverlay shell extension. I don't know, why is my icon not showing up. My CanShowOverlay is: protected override bool CanShowOverlay(string path, FILE_A...

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[Context Menu] New object makes the code not work.

I've created a new context menu project that will run a method from a referenced C++ class library. The problem is that when I create the new object, the context menu doesn't run the action when it...

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