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Context menu drop down item click event fired in ServerManager.exe but not after installing with srm.exe

Mar 12, 2014 at 12:17 PM

I'm using SharpShell to add a context menu item and drop down subitems.

When I test my shell extension assembly with the ServerManager.exe it works fine, but not when I install it with the srm.exe file.

To install my shell extension, I've created a setup project with Visual Studio 2010, and added a custom action (name=srm.exe, Arguments=install "[TARGETDIR]\MyShellExtension.dll" -codebase, InstallerClass=false).

The context menu items are correctly created but when I click on a drop-down menu item, nothing happens. I tried to only put a MessageBox.Show("Item clicked"); line code in the Click event but it is not displayed.

Have you already experienced this kind of issue? Do you have some ideas for fixing the problem?

Is it possible to see the output of the srm.exe tool to check that the shell extension assembly is correctly installed and registered? Does it work the same for 32bits and 64bits machine?

Thank you!