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If anyone has problems with PropertyPageHandler...

Nov 22, 2013 at 8:56 AM

If you have a written e.g. a InfoTipHandler or ContextMenuHandler and a PropertyPageHandler and all of them are working well on your developer machine but:

on any other machine all of your handlers are working but not the PropertyPageHandler, then you maybe are missing the MS Visual C++ 2012 Runtimes (vcredist_x64/vcredist_x86) on it.
It seems that only this handler needs some DLL from it. Or maybe some other handlers I have not used till now. (Tested on a clean Windows 7 x86/x64/Vista x86).
Dave: Please provide some information on your Troubleshooting Page! It took some time to figure this out.
The second issue I found with the PropertyPageHandler is in combination with a TabControl. It doesn't matter if the TabPages are created dynamically or in static way.
When I switched (on my developer machine) between the PropertyPage and any other application (sometimes 2 times focus switch, sometimes after 10 times focus switches between the applications) the PropertyPage freezes and then the Windows Explorer crashes with an AppHangB1. Fast workaround is of course the usage of any other controls. I have this tested this only on one machine (my developer machine), so maybe this is only a very specific issue.

Kind regards.
Nov 24, 2013 at 12:35 PM
Hi Muellmailz - thank's very much for posting this it's extremely useful! I'm going to update the troubleshooting guide now with these points, thank-you very much for taking the time to post and let others learn from what you've discovered!