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"CountLinesExtension is not a SharpShell Server"


I'm going through this tutorial, and trying to load the dll I've created in the Server Manager Tool.

Basically it's what they have there, and I've tried both the dll built in release and debug mode using Visual Studio 2015 on Windows 7.

In fact, I downloaded the complete directory from GitHub, and built the sample project that was this exact same project, only I wanted to make sure I hadn't messed up any setting or anything, and tried loading it into ServerManager, got the same error.

You may want to also answer this here:

Any ideas? Thank you!


mczarnek wrote Sep 30, 2015 at 6:11 PM

Fixed it, for anyone else who comes across it, I figured out a work around. I rebuilt the Server Manager from the source code instead of using the version that prebuilt version linked to by this article.

This article was written while SharpShell was still version 1, now it's 2.2... so must have been cleaned up at some point there.

If anyone still has problems, do the same thing, only first go into ServerManagerApi.cs, find the exception that spawns that message, and put a more description exception message on it and maybe a breakpoint and start debugging from there.