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SharpShell Namespace crashes


I need create an virtual folder. I found SharpShell and start learn it.
But there are 2 problems.
First. When i install any sample projects, like RegistryNamespaceExtension, it's crashed at SHCreateShellFolderView call in DefaultNamespaceFolderView.cs in CreateShellView method. VS catched unhandled AccessViolationException exception.
This problem is exists on Windows 7 X86 and X64. I used VS2013 and VS2012. I tried use SHCreateShellFolderView, but this is not works too.
Second. When i used a CustomNamespaceFolderView (e.g. in Trivial Namespace Extension), when i close Extention page in Explorer or close Explorer window, it crashes. I can't look what crashes or where, because Extention works fine when i look it in ShellServer!

Can you tell me, please, how can i fix it? Thanks!